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I Represent Those Injured by the Negligence of Others

Since graduating from Gonzaga Law School and becoming licensed in Washington in 1997, I’ve been practicing Plaintiff Personal Injury law, representing only those injured by other’s carelessness.  I do not defend corporations, insurance companies, or drunk drivers.

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If You’ve Been Injured and Need Answers

If you’ve been injured and are seeking an experienced and dedicated personal injury attorney, contact me for a free consultation.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Every injury impacts a person’s life uniquely and leads to varied damages. For example, a broken leg could lead to an extended period of wages lost for a laborer or a professional athlete, but probably not a clerical worker.  A person suffering from a brain injury could potentially have all aspects of their life — personal and professional — impacted for either a short time or a lifetime. Together, we’ll come up with a game plan to identify the unique aspects of your case and what you’ll need, and how we’ll get there.

My Practice Areas

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Personal Injury

Don’t let someone else’s negligence ruin your life. 

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Accidents are really just another term for negligence.

Malpractice Practice Area


Don’t let a professional’s negligence ruin your life.

Helping You Navigate the Complexities of the Legal System


Thorough, Straight Forward, and Trustworthy

The main thing Derek was straight forward and gave no unreal expectation. He was thorough in putting together a plan and all ways keeping me informed. the main thing Derek is some one you can trust.

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Experience Matters

I’ve worked on over 2,000 cases from start to finish, whether the finish occurs by negotiation, mediation, arbitration, trial, or appeal. Each case and client is unique. Just when I think I have seen it all, I’m hired to work on a case with unusual facts.

To position yourself for the best outcome, you want a lawyer that has experience with

  • Personal injury
  • Trials
  • A diverse clientele
  • Various types of injuries
  • The local community

Your case will have my full attention.  I’ll provide you with an honest assessment on value, and the strength of your case — without making unrealistic promises.

Derek P. Radtke

Every business has an origin story worth telling, and usually, one that justifies why you even do business and have clients.

The Begining of My Journey

I started working on personal injuryaccident, and malpractice cases just before my last year of law school.  I was fortunate to work as an intern for a solo-practitioner, and learned all that I could in my time there, assisting with personal injury cases from intake to completion. This crash course in personal injury was unlike any class in law school. I learned how to work with and advocate for my clients. I’m thankful for the guidance and collegiality I received early on in my career and will pay it forward.

Derek Radtke - Personal Injury Attorney

Moving Forward

After graduating from Gonzaga School of Law in 1997, I continued handling personal injury matters, almost exclusively, working for two busy law firms over the next 20 years, gaining valuable litigation experience.

My Own Practice

I opened my own firm, Radtke Law Firm, in October 2017. My focus and passion remain on plaintiff personal injury law, which allows me to continue to help those that have been wrongly injured by the negligence of others.

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Personal Injury Lawyer - Free Consultation

If you have questions and are looking for answers regarding an injury or accident give me a call. I provide free consultations to assess the merits of cases. Contact me for answers and to find out whether I’m the right fit for you and your situation.

Professional Background

Bar Admissions


Work History

  • Trial Attorney at Buckley & Associates (1998 – 2009)
  • Trial Attorney at Phillips Law Firm (2009 – 2017)

Professional Associations and Memberships


  • Whittier Law Review · Jan 1, 1998: State Encroachment Into Tribal Sovereignty By Means Of The Assimilative Crimes Act

Areas of Practice and Expertise

Other Online Profiles

Let My Experience Work for You

My whole career has revolved around taking care of those injured by the negligence of others. With over 26 years of personal injury experience, I can present a clear picture of what you’re likely to experience and guide you through the legal system.

The physical and mental effects of your injury can never be reversed, but we can still hold the negligent party accountable. We’ll seek full recovery to get you as close to back to normal as possible — given the injuries and damages you’ve sustained. Contact me for a free consultation, we’ll discuss your situation, and I’ll outline what options you have available.

I look forward to discussing your case with you,
Derek P. Radtke

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